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Clamp and unclamp templates...




I am trying to get my clamp/unclamp M-codes to output.  I looked into the PB_CMD_auto_clamping command which is already in the start of my program and in the commments it mentions something about the clamp and unclamp templates being defined.  How do I check if they are defined?  Is there  a template section of postbuilder that I haven't found yet?  Or do I have to go into the cdl files or something like that?


# Custom Command to clamp or unclamp rotary axis
# Written by Jim Wright EDS PLM Solutions 05/08/2002
# This procedure checks to see if 4th or 5th axis will be moving in the next block.
# If yes, it issues command to unclamp. If no, it issues command to clamp.
# User must incorporate block template for appropriate action (M10/M11 in my case.
# This requires input from NC Programmer to turn on the roatary clamping mechanism in a UDE.
# If only 4th axis is valid, logic should be modified in "if" statement.
# The "clamp" and "unclamp" templates must be defined in the Post Builder.
global mom_pos mom_prev_pos mom_rotary_clamp
if { [info exists mom_rotary_clamp] } {
if { $mom_rotary_clamp == "ACTIVE" } {
MOM_output_literal "Danny says clamp is active!"
if { $mom_pos(4) == $mom_prev_pos_(4)} {
MOM_ouput_literal "Danny says clamp" } else { MOM_output_literal "Danny says unclamp" }




Re: Clamp and unclamp templates...

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Auto-clamping uses the proc AUTO_CLAMP, which in turn uses procs AUTO_CLAMP_1 (4th axis) and AUTO_CLAMP_2 (5th axis).  These are found in the post's .tcl file (not normally editable by you)


The AUTO_CLAMP_N proc then use PB_CMD_(un)clamp_fourth_axis and PB_CMD_(un)clamp_fifth_axis.


I'm assuming the PB_CMD_*s are what they're talking about


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