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Closing clamping device using ACL

I'm working on an ISV of a lathe and want to use a clamping device. It is closed via an M-function which I process inside the *.MCF using a subprogram.


Inside this ACL-subprogram I want to move the axis "Q1/Q2" until the clamp (object "L1") touches the IPW.


collision(ON, "L1", 1, 0.0);
collision(ON, ???, 2, 0.0);

FLOAT dCollJointValue;
dCollJointValue = getCollJointValue("Q1", 42.0);
move(AXIS, "Q1", dCollJointValue, "Q2", dCollJointValue, 1.0);


Is it possible to check the collision of an Object against the IPW? If so, how do I create a collision-group containing the IPW?







Re: Closing clamping device using ACL

Hi Jasper,


welcome to this forum and the CSE World ;-)


Take a look into the sim15 ootb example. Inside the subrog folder are the subrprogs (M120/M121 130/131) for opening and closing the chucks with collision check against the IPW.




Re: Closing clamping device using ACL

Hi Thomas,


thanks for your reply!


The example you mentioned is using G-Code. I'm not sure wether I can make use of it, since I'm running a VNCK ISV. Afaik it's not possible to use native-language subprograms in combination with the VNCK, so I think I'm stuck with ACL.


Do you think the solution I posted in the original post could work (if I learn how to use the IPW as an collision object)?




Re: Closing clamping device using ACL

Hello, yes you are triggering the topic by am M command using VNCK it will not be possible to execute an NC code file togehter with that. The AnyController commands you are trying to use are the correct ones, but these are not working in NX. This is an enhancement, please get in contact with GTAC.


Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
Manufacturing Engineering Software

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