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Collision check with MRL tools


Hi all

I have a problem, how to set MRL tool attributes for collision checking in machine simulation. I have cutting tools imported from MRL, all components from vendor catalogs. 

Perfect reallife tool model is visible in tool path generation and machine simulation. Simulation does not detect holder or shank as a colliding item. Any collition alerts incoming.

How to make MRL tools, so that collition detection works?




Path generation.PNGcoollision.JPG

NX 11.02 MP9
TC 10.1.7
MRL 3.16

Re: Collision check with MRL tools

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello RoopeL,


machine simulation supports collision check for sure with 3D tool models too.

Please make sure you have:

* activate collision check
(Simulation Setting - Collision Detection  - On)

* define a collision pair classification _TOOL against (what you will check)

(Simulation Setting - Collision Detection  - Specify collision pairs)

* set collision check to Solid Assembly.

(Simulation Setting - Collision Detection  - Tool Shape)


Which kind of collision you are interested and you are seeing in the graphics, but are not reported by the system?


Hope that helps



Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
Manufacturing Engineering Software

Re: Collision check with MRL tools


In simulation it started to work as you said, + i had to open the tool in machine tool builder and select geometry for cutting item and non-cutting item.


In tool path verification have open collision settings and tap. Marked red.


Now it works.


Thomas asked type of collision, in this case i have a drill Diam32 in diam 50 shank, before there was no collision in graphics or reports. Now i get both in tool path genration and machine simulation.




Tool path generation settings.JPGcollision.JPG

NX 11.02 MP9
TC 10.1.7
MRL 3.16

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