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Combine Two Shop Doc Templates

[ Edited ]

Hello there,


I am trying to combine the two OOTB shop doc excel templates:




, so that my shop doc looks like this:


It contains all the tools used under the selected program and the operations using the tools under the selected program.


I tried to add the operation variables (such as ${mom_oper_program}) in the tool list template, but values of the variables could not be obtained.


Any ideas on how to combine them or create such a shop doc on my own?





Re: Combine Two Shop Doc Templates

[ Edited ]

I don't think you can get that with one pass of cycling.

One of the templates cycles tools, the other cycles operations.

One approach ould be to run both templates, and manually merge the outputs together somehow. For example, cycle the operations and store the "rows" of parameters you want to show. Then cycle the tools, and insert the operation rows under the correct tools.


Thinking further, what you really want is a tool list with an operation list nested for each tool.

I would look at running the tool list, and for each tool encountered, run an operation list. Obviously there is some code to write, but that is the approach I would take. 


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Combine Two Shop Doc Templates

Thanks, Mark.


I was wondering how to run the operation list for each tool encountered. The MOM_cycle_objects structure restricts the customization. Please give me a hint.




Re: Combine Two Shop Doc Templates

[ Edited ]

Or maybe our PLM software should come included with work instructions since users complain about shop docs 1-2 a week on this forum >.<  I've used 3 different brand CAM software and NX has the worst OOTB shop floor documentation hands down.




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