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Component Groups


Would it be possible to make an enhancement request for creation component groups to not require an advanced assemblies license?  There are a lot of times making component groups would be a huge help for different manufacturing setups in CAM.



Kurt Francis

JSP Mold


Re: Component Groups

ERs have to start out as IRs in GTAC.

So file an IR, have it converted to an ER, then post the ER number in case others want to file a "me too" IR to add support.

Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
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Re: Component Groups

Hi Kurt,


may I ask you why you use Component Groups? I use up to 9 different setups within a part, but use Layers to organize visiblility. I tried to use Component Groups once, but did not see much benefit.


Best wishes,

In production NX D3

Re: Component Groups

I could try to use layers to control visibility of different setups.  I guess it is just a habit of mine to want to go to the assembly navigator to control what I am viewing.  I will try using layers for different setups for a while and see if I can manage to keep things organized well enough. Thanks!

Re: Component Groups

have you tried Arrangements?

Re: Component Groups



we are using layers in combination with the Switch Layer/Layout command.


For this we have for one setup the following layers:






Different layers for the machine and its components


We have predefined geometry objects in our cam setup parts. The Workpiece saved layer/layout contains the visible machine. The MCS for the setup (is below the Workpiece) has a saved layer/layout without the layer of the machine.

When you program you can use switch layer/layout on the MCS or any of the operations located below.

If you want to Simulate you use switch layer/layout on the Workpiece.

Best wishes,

In production NX D3

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