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Convert 4 and 5 axis post into 3-axis post

Hello all,

I have a 4-axis post and now I want to make a copy of it and convert it into 3-axis by blocking the B-axis.  The b-axis don't show up anywhere in the program except at the first tool. Anyone out there can show me how to get rid of the B-axis at the first toll.




Re: Convert 4 and 5 axis post into 3-axis post


In Post Builder on the Program & Tool Path page is the Program tab.  This lists the output in a sequence of events.  Look at the start of path or initial move and see if there is a block with the B axis output.  If that fails activate the Review tool - Output Settings - Other Options.  Save the post and Select a small program to post.  The review tool will display and you can use this to analyze where the specific code is being generated from.  I recommend a smal file because it takes much longer for the review tool to display with a large tool path.



John Joyce, Manufacturing Engineer,
Senior Aerospace Connecticut
Production: NX10.0.3.5, Vericut 8.0
Development: Tcl/Tk
Testing: NX11.0.1

Re: Convert 4 and 5 axis post into 3-axis post


Thank you very much for your reply.  Unfortunately, I don't have and know post builder. I just deal directly with the post.  I know where to block the B-axis in the program but for the first tool. I dont know where that line should be.

Re: Convert 4 and 5 axis post into 3-axis post

Post Builder is included in all of our CAM packages.

Have you looked at the start menu under All Programs --> Siemens NXn.n --> Manufacturing?

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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