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Create tooling by using wizard


Hello, I have a question about defining a tool with the wizard [created by Process Studio Author].

When running a wizard twice were the same tool is created in the Operation Navigator Toolview, the tool is actually defined twice [suffix _1, ...] is it possible to prevent/restrict this unwanted behaviour within Process Studio Author?




Thanks for any tips,

Bert Claessen

NX7.5 / W7


Re: Create tooling by using wizard

I assume your wizard creates a tool, and then creates an operation with that tool as the tool parent. In this case, NX is doing what it should, and assuring that the name is unique when you try to create a tool with the same name again.  The name is just a name - the system does not know if they are the same tool (i.e. same parameters) or not, so a new unique name (_1, _2, ...) is used.


One idea... In the create operation step, in the specify parents dialog, make sure the tool parent is sensitive and visible. If the user knows that the operation should use an existing tool, they can change the tool parent at that step.


Another option is for the user to drag all the operations under the first tool, and delete the duplicate tools, but you are probably already doing that.


For something more automated, I think you would need a logic step, and call an API program to determine if you need to create a new tool or use an existing one. I'm not even sure how you would do that, but if this is a common workflow, it might be worth a look.


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Create tooling by using wizard


Hi Mark, solved it now by splitting it in two separate wizards, the first one creating the 35 tools that areused in the second wizard for defining the hole machining operations [with appropriate geometry and program group].


For ease of use i grouped the tools into a new "TOOLS_POCKET" easy to find by the NC-programmer.


Tanks, Bert.

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