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Custom 3D graphics for turning tool in NX


Hi all!!!


I have a question. How to create turning tool from custom 3D model? For example I have downloaded .stp model file from site of tool manufacturer, e.g. KINTEK. When I created tool in manufacturing i can import tool from library, but it contain only the standart tool graphics. And for example there is no turning tools with OA (orient angle) = 3 degrees and HA (holder angle) = 90 degrees. What i must to do to use my custom 3d model as graphics for tools?


Re: Custom 3D graphics for turning tool in NX

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

You don't say what version, but there is documentation on how to use 3D tool models in conjunction with tool libraries.

In NX9 docs:

CAM -> Manufacturing General -> CAM libraries -> Cutter, tool holder & device libraries -> ....


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