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Custom Cavity Mill Operation

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I was going to start making custom operations for things that I do a lot of. One thing that I do for almost every part I make is first; facemill the top of the part and then rough of the outside of the part using cavity mill. I leave .010" of stock on the side for finishing and from top to bottom I go .010" past the bottom of the part so that when I flip the part over to machine the backside I know there will be to cusp.


I know how to do everything else I want to do in this operation, what I want to know is if there is a way I could automatically add .010" to the bottom selection of the part so I don't have to keep entering that in. The "Cut Below Last Range option adds a whole extra toolpath past the selected bottom. This will not do. 


So is there any way to do this?




Re: Custom Cavity Mill Operation

You need to lower the bottom of the cut range.


If you are using automatic cut levels, and you are using a bounding block for blank, set the ZM- value of the block to .010, which will lower the last range bottom.  


If you select a face for the range bottom, you can drag the range botom plane down, but that's not something you can put in a template. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Custom Cavity Mill Operation

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Siemens Phenom

There could be another way to get that automatic 0.010" on the bottom range, but it is very speicific to your workpiece goemetry. In Syncronous Modeling there is the Pull Face function which allows you to add or subtract material. Using this on a WAVE linked body would give you the extra length you are looking for so that you wouldn't have to set the Cut Below Last Range parameter or define the Cut Levels.

Re: Custom Cavity Mill Operation

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Valued Contributor
Thanks for the reply but that would be more work than just selecting the bottom and inputting .01+ (whatever the bottom of the parts value is) and hitting enter. What would be perfect is if I could permanently set the Cut Below Last Range to .01" and it didn't add another pass. It instead added it to the overall depth and that divided up the depth per cut like it already does to include it. That way in my custom operation I could select automatic cut levels, select the bottom of the piece, select the method, auto fill the feeds and speed and be completely done with the roughing operation.

Re: Custom Cavity Mill Operation

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Cut below last level will be remembered, if you use a simple block to adjust the template, since it is just another parameter of the operation.


When the operation is configured to your needs, you can just remove the block, if it is still trouble as in CAM templates of older NX releases.

On the other hand I have noticed that some of the OOTB CAM templates include geometry, so it might just be no longer the case that geometry is bad for your template.

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