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Customizing Gouge Check Output list


HI all, 


I am looking to customize the output list that is generated after a gouge check. Really i am looking to change the text color of the toolpaths that gouge. Right now the gouge check generates a list that is black and white and really easy to miss a gouge if your not looking closely. When your gouge checking hundreds of toolpaths at once, things can get blurry.  Is there a way to differentiate no gouge motions and gouge motions by  changing text color or another way to make gouges easily seen in the output list?

Thanks for the help in advance!


Re: Customizing Gouge Check Output list

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Siemens Experimenter


What version of NX are you running?  A new feature was introduced in NX11.0.2 where you can see the gouging motions as  tree list items in Tool Path Reportdialog. You can select any item in this list to display the tool on the gouging motion. You also have display options to highlight or just display gouging motions only. This option is available through Tool Path->List Gouges after gouge checking.  I hope this helps solve your problem of finding tiny gouge motions in large tool paths.


Thanks and Regards,

Murthy Mandaleeka

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