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Cuuting Parameters for cutting tools assy


Is there any method in NX to attach cutting parameters like feed,speed with cutting tool assy?or Suppose a tool is used in 10 operations,is there any way so that i can just enter cutting parameter once and all my operations gets updated with the cutting parameters.

I am using NX9.





Re: Cuuting Parameters for cutting tools assy

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Solution Partner Phenom

You can select multiple operations using Shift or Ctrl. Then from context menu you can choose:

Object --> Feed Rates...

This way you can enter feeds&speeds once for group of operations.


Is this what you are looking for?


Also if the tool exists in NX tool library, there are also other ways to automate it like this:


Marek Pawlus, NCmatic

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Re: Cuuting Parameters for cutting tools assy

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Siemens Phenom


thank you for your question.

You can use the Machining Data Libraries to attach Feeds&Speeds to certain tools, part- and cutter materials.

2017-09-13 13_58_31-NX 11 - Manufacturing - [sim08_mill_5ax_cam_sinumerik_mm.prt (Modified) ].png2017-09-13 13_59_33-NX 11 - Manufacturing - [sim08_mill_5ax_cam_sinumerik_mm.prt (Modified) ].png


There is a way to edit the feeds and speeds for multiple operations. Select the operations and click on the Feed rates button in the Ribbon Bar

2017-09-13 14_02_14-NX 11 - Manufacturing - [sim08_mill_5ax_cam_sinumerik_mm.prt (Modified) ].png2017-09-13 14_02_38-Feeds and Speeds.png


Or you can select the operations, click right mouse button and select it

2017-09-13 14_03_48-.png




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Re: Cuuting Parameters for cutting tools assy


Many thanks Marek & Alexander !!

That is what i was looking for.


But facing some issue while trying the second option i.e by selecting all the operations >right click> object>feed rates

In this way i am able to enter feed & surface speed once and which appears for all,but i have to update Maximum RPM data individually for all the operations.I am trying to do this for turning operations.Any suggestions ?






Max RPM value needs to update for Individual Operation

individual_operations_Max RPM _value_not_updated.JPG    






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