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Cycle800 - direct transformation Mode [Cycle800(,,,,192,,,,,,,,,)]



by implementing the cycle800 with direct transformation mode (192) the cycle800 from the OOTB .cyc-datas does not work correct.

The Cycle800 should transform the A-C-Head from a 4-axis millturn machine.


- Unknown metacode "TOROT" --> fixed in .MCF with "Do nothing"

- Axis A and C rotate correct --> good!

- The MCS should rotate with the both axes --> MCS only rotate with C-Axis rotation but not with the A-Axis rotation

The Tool-Axis should be always the axtive Z-Axis but it does not after a A-Axis rotation. If i Look in the Cycle800 i can only find that command: "$P_WPFRAME=CROT(_APPL,_A)" --> it rotate the MCF with the first  turning -Axis (here C!). I miss a similar command if rotation the second turning-axis rotates.

Does someone have the same problem or have an idea how i can fix that???



Working with Software NX MP8, Win7 64bit

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