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Cylinder Clearance Plane


I am using a 3 axis mill with a 4th axis as the rotating chuck mounted on the bed the X axis is the axis of the chuck.

When I set a cylinder as a clearance plane and machine 2 areas in the same axis the movement from one area to the next shows a radial move, but when I postprocess the program, the radial move doesn't show as a G02 or G03, it shows as lots of small rapid movements in Yaxis and Z axis. Can anyone tell me how to make the movement show as a simple movemont rather than lots of small ones.

Is iyt in the operation or in the postprocessor?






Re: Cylinder Clearance Plane


Maybe change your Traversal feed from Rapid to a feedrate. Arc moves (G02 and G03) have to have a feedrate defined they cannot be rapid.

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Re: Cylinder Clearance Plane

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Can you share a NC file here?


(If you are talking about movements along the cylinder clearence plane - they are lines, not the circle.

And PP interpret it right. )

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