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DNC Connect - Manage PP Output Error



I am working towards configuring using the DNC Connect system for NX 10. I have met all the prerequisites according to the documentation. I think I installed everything correctly, and have now moved towards the user documentation. After creating a CAD model, and then creating a simple operation, I verified the post process and shop docs. Then I clicked on the menu tab, clicked DNC Connect, and then the Manage PP Output. An error occurs saying "None of the actions specified for this button were registered" Use Information>Custom Menubar>Report Tool


Which makes me believe I have messed up in the installation at some point. Has anyone installed DNC connect or come across this issue? If not, thanks anyways and I will continue to retrace my steps through the documentation. Thanks again.


Re: DNC Connect - Manage PP Output Error

I have not contacted the developers yet. I am re-tracing my steps during the installation phase to identify wether or not it was a user error. Attached is the error message I see after selecting the DNC Connect in the menu tab.



Re: DNC Connect - Manage PP Output Error

Have you checked the report as suggested in the message window?

In such a case the DLLs needed for the buttons to work are not found.

The NX syslog and the other logs should give you a hint.

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Re: DNC Connect - Manage PP Output Error

Thanks for the response.


Yes, that is what I am investigating currently. I need to locate and double check to make sure the dll is there. I also read that I may need to activate a service to be running. It could be off?


Haven't checked the syslog as of yet.

Accepted by topic author sfruehe
‎12-27-2016 12:19 PM

Re: DNC Connect - Manage PP Output Error

Found the solution.


In the system environment variables, the directory /custom/ was missing the last "/"


This resulted in the program unable to find the directory where the .dll where located. The defined path did not exist. You can find the path error in the syslog of NX.

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