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Diameter information from UDE into PB


Further to my last post regarding utilisation of an array of co-ords into Post Builder I have a further problem.


I need the diamter information from a part in NX.


If i create a UDE in CDL..


PARAM probe_skw_pt_2
  TYPE p
  UI_LABEL "To establish an X axis span first select the end face OD..."


When this diameter is selected and then posted out the array of variable information is only X, Y and Z locations relative to the bore centre, there are no diameter dimensions.


How would this be possible given that the UDE "TYPE" is a p (point), there is nothing I can see would do the job.


Any help would be mosty appreciated.






****Edited to add.....


In the NX8.5 OOTB pui "siemens_probing_cycles" the Renishaw R7 value for measuring a bore is populated by $mom_probing_diameter

If I run a cycle and post it the Debug Lister shows the variable $mom_probing_radius being used - obviously this is doubled to get $mom_probing_diameter


However the value in $mom_probing_radius remains the same as the last bore cycle; I cant see how I re-populate it with my value as I can see no reference to this variable in any NX files on my PC??!!




Re: Diameter information from UDE into PB

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Craig,


this could be a problem. I think this only works with programming an API-application. Not even feature-diameters or feature-depth are going to mom-variables for the post. Please look at this:


The ER for this enhancement-request is ER7328854.


It would be helpful if you support this ER if you write to GTAC and make reference to my ER.

I think it should be possible for SPLM to do this.


Perhaps you can support this ER by creating an IR for this and rever to my ER. I think this is a weak point.


The only thing you can do ist to give the diameter as an UDE-parameter. Sorry for this news, but perhaps somebody has a better idea.



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