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Does Heidenhain TNC have a "Protected Move" cycle?

Hello Everyone,


Does anyone know if Heidenhain (TNC 530) has a "Protected Move" Probing Cycle for positioning the Probe, prior to using a Measuring Cycle?


With Fanuc, it is G65 P9810, and that is used to "move the probe into position", with the probe stylus "active". That means if the Probe "hits something" on the way to the next position, it will stop the machine motion. If you adjust your "positioning feedrate", it is possible to catch a mistake in positioning the Probe without causing damage to the Probe if you hit an obstruction.


From what I've read in the TNC Cycles manual, it just says to basically "Use care in positioning the Probe, prior to the start of the Probing Cycle". I don't see any specific Cycles available just for moving the Probe in a "protected" mode.


If this isn't possible, it isn't the end of the world, as my customer has Vericut for proving out the programs prior to us running them. I'd just like to know if it is an option on the TNC 530 or not before I try chasing it any further...






Re: Does Heidenhain TNC have a "Protected Move" cycle?

 As far as I know it is a Machine Builder option.  Deckel uses M27/M28.  I didn't see anything in Heidenhain Probe Manual.  


Deckel Probe Collision On.jpg


Jeff Sauers, Lead CNC Programmer, Oberg Industries

Production: NX, Vericut 8.0

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