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Drill Operation

Dear all 


In drilling operation . I want to divide tool path for tool life cutting .  Divide by time or number of holes. How to make it ?


Thank you .


Re: Drill Operation

I think the simplest way is to do it by post.

You can define tool life parameteres attaching an user defined event or an attribute to the tool.

During post processing, for example in the cycle move event, increment the counter.

If  tool life ends or maximum number of holes is reached, cycle off, retract the tool, check/change tool, reposition the tool,  then cycle on,  reset the counter,  and continue.


This should be also a flexible way, if tool life results to be longer or shorter then expected, the only thing to do is edit the UDE or change tool attribute and reprocess.








Re: Drill Operation

Dear Ibonomi

thank you very much ,  and in postbuilder  I do not know code is counter . please exam for code counter in postbuilder .


Thank you 

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