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Easy PC Tool List

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Just sharing my simple g-code tool list solution for PC in case anyone has been looking for one. It took me awhile to get this figured out (simply bringing in the code from PB didn't work), so I figured I would share and hopefully save someone a little time.


proc PC_tool_list {} {
        global lib_pretreatment
	global tool_number
	global tool_name
	global tool_list
	global tool_list_item
	MOM_output_text " "
	foreach tool_number [split $lib_pretreatment(tool_number_list)] tool_name [split $lib_pretreatment(tool_name_list)] {
		lappend tool_list "($tool_number:$tool_name)"
        foreach tool_list_item [split [lsort -unique $tool_list]] {
                set tool_list_item [regsub -all {[\:]} $tool_list_item "  :  "]
                MOM_output_literal $tool_list_item

Adding the above proc to the end of my start_of_program even net me code which looks like:


(CREATED BY      : ERICMAGRAY                              )
(DATE            : 05.04.2019 , 02:07                      )
(PARTNAME        : MODEL3.PRT                              )
N10 G21 G17 G90 G80 G49 G40 G94

(100  :  WAM_0.125_SQUARE)
(104  :  DAT_0.187_CHAMFER)
(108  :  WAM_0.250_R.060_BULL)
(115  :  GWS_0.500_R.015_ROUGH)
N12 G187 P03
N14 G0 G53 Z0.
N16 T104 M06
N18 T100
N20 G54
NX 1855.2900 on Windows 10 v1809

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