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Edit "I" address on CSE

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Hello everybody


I’m having a problem with a special machine CSE. I need to edit the I address.




This machine is a swiss lathe, with the particularity that X axis is always programed on positive coordinates, regardless if you use the front tools (on the positive side of the X axis) or the rear tools (On the negative side of the X axis). In addition, it is programed on RADIUS coordinates (it’s some common)

Editing the CSE, I got the correct function of the X address (via editing it, as shown)



But I’ve not choice to edit the I address, because it’s on red label.

The only thing I need is to make a smililar edition as I’ve made on X address to I address.



I figure there’s no possible to obtain the “FanucFamily” password in order to copy this one to Current File, so, what other solution you find to invert the sign of the I address only on some tool number???


Could someone with access copy to me the internal methacode of the I address, in order to edit it?





Re: Edit "I" address on CSE

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I am not sure if the way you do the calculation is the best to go, but if it works fine.

In the "I" command the main CSE command which is used is SetCircleParameter

So that you can try writing your own "I" command with you additions.




Thomas Schulz
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