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Engage/Retract in Cavity_Mill


There are too many Engage and Retract from Cavity_mill. Therefore, unnecessary time consuming. I do not want to Air_Cut and Tool Jump. I do not know how to be set in the Non_Cutting Moves. I want to like this picture. Attach a file





 This Picture is not good  Smiley Sad



Re: Engage/Retract in Cavity_Mill

Since the pattern is outward, at each level the cut starts in the middle and ends on the outside. If you don't to cut air or lift and rapid, how would you get the tool from the outside of one level to the

middle of the next level?


The tool is retracting to the clearance between levels because the direct transfers are sensing a collision - i.e. the tool is rapiding closer than a safe clearance distance from the part.


The path is already very efficient - 25 min 11 sec cutting, 0 min 29 sec non cutting.

You can lower the Z of the transfer moves and reduce the not cutting time to 12 seconds by setting the trasfer type within regions to Direct/Previous Plane Backup or Previous Plane, with a clearance of zero.


Or you can reduce it to 11 sec by leaving it direct and turning off collision check, which I don't recommend.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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