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Enhancement Request for NX CAM operation transformations


I have a request for an enhancement in NX Cam. On the Operation Navigator - Geometry tab it possible to create MCS, Workpiece, Hole/Boss Geometry, etc. objects. You can then associate Cam operations to those objects. You can also select operations and transform them with a number of transformation methods. It would be great to be able to create a Transformation object in which you can drop operations. These operations would then generate with the transformation object applied.


I have created a number of generic motion operations which I would like to make multiple copies of and translate to different areas of my machine envelope. There is no nice way to do this. If I need to make changes to the master or parent operation, I then need to either change all of the child operations, or delete the children, copy the parent operation again and translate the new children. If I could just drag and drop operations within a transformation it would save a lot of work and also give better visibility to the presence of transformations applied to operations.


Re: Enhancement Request for NX CAM operation transformations

@rvogel, Interesting idea. If you would like to make this an enhancement request, please create one through GTAC, so that it is logged and tracked.


Regarding this request, have you tried instances? In this case there is one set of operation parameters, and a transformation for each instanced copy.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Enhancement Request for NX CAM operation transformations

I will do that.

Yes, instances cannot be moved out of their parent program group. They are also not always reliable to inherit changes made from the parent operation either.

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