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Error "Unknown metacode 'FUNCTION' is used while Simulating machine with NC code simulation.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


I have created an operation on NX 12 . For machine simulation i selected Heidenhain 5axis machine from machine tool library. 

I have also post processed  this operation with the post processor of Heidenhain control(Which i copied from post configrator library and made only one change in its output setting "TCPM mode M128 to TCPM"

when i try to simulate the machine with NC Code simulation with the NC file generated by modified post processor ,Nx return an erro "Unknown metacode 'FUNCTION' is used.


With the original M128 setting of post processor, Machine works fine while simulating this Nc code file of this post processor.

But with the TCPM mode setting of post processor, the above mentioned error is occured.


Please some one tell me what to do for resolving this issue.

Post processor's file and generated NC file is attached herewith.Capture3.JPGCapture 1.JPGCaptureccc.JPG


Re: Error "Unknown metacode 'FUNCTION' is used while Simulating machine with NC code simulation

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



it is in fact that the provided CCF for TNC do not include the implementation for FUNCTION, so customization is needed.


If you are able to customize drive with the Machine Configurator you can give it a try to add Metacode FUNCTION and may copy from M128 calling the right method, but I am not sure if here more customization is needed due to the other parameters coming after FUNCTION TCPM.



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