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Excessive B (or C) axis rotation limit

PLM World Member Valued Contributor PLM World Member Valued Contributor
PLM World Member Valued Contributor

Is there a way to limit the maximum degs a block of code can be in either NX or in post builder? I’m having an issue on a 5 axis path where the A becomes almost flat and the B wants to swing around by more than 10 deg per line. I have tried to limit the max tool axis change down to .1 using per stem and im still getting very large moves. Ihave tried switching to deg per min and the path returns many errors. Any other ideas?


Thanks, Damian



bad code with large B moves

X3.8871 Y-2.9393 Z3.4795 A.836 B-138.782 F500.
X3.6246 Y-3.2577 Z3.479 A.765 B-133.91 F500.
X3.2769 Y-3.6074 Z3.4785 A.701 B-128.091 F500.
X2.8204 Y-3.9746 Z3.478 A.645 B-121.18 F500.
X2.2351 Y-4.331 Z3.4775 A.6 B-113.099 F500.
X1.5178 Y-4.6315 Z3.477 A.568 B-103.928 F500.
X.6963 Y-4.824 Z3.4765 A.553 B-93.977 F500.
X-.1665 Y-4.8713 Z3.476 A.555 B-83.788 F500.
X-.9924 Y-4.7721 Z3.4755 A.574 B-73.979 F500.
X-1.7201 Y-4.5608 Z3.4751 A.609 B-65.044 F500.
X-2.3222 Y-4.2857 Z3.4746 A.657 B-57.238 F500.
X-2.8013 Y-3.9892 Z3.4741 A.715 B-50.593 F500



Good code

4.4784 Y-2.0196 Z3.4822 A1.162 B-151.714 F500.
X4.3872 Y-2.211 Z3.4817 A1.076 B-149.221 F500.
X4.2699 Y-2.4301 Z3.4811 A.993 B-146.304 F500.
X4.1174 Y-2.6806 Z3.4806 A.913 B-142.865 F500.
X3.9171 Y-2.9657 Z3.4801 A.836 B-138.782 F500.
X3.6523 Y-3.2865 Z3.4797 A.765 B-133.91 F500.
X3.3015 Y-3.6389 Z3.4792 A.701 B-128.091 F500.
X2.841 Y-4.0089 Z3.4787 A.645 B-121.18 F500.
X2.2508 Y-4.3678 Z3.4782 A.6 B-113.099 F500.
X1.5274 Y-4.6703 Z3.4777 A.568 B-103.928 F500.
X.699 Y-4.8639 Z3.4772 A.553 B-93.977 F500.
X-.1709 Y-4.911 Z3.4767 A.555 B-83.788 F500.
X-1.0035 Y-4.8105 Z3.4762 A.574 B-73.979 F500.
X-1.737 Y-4.597 Z3.4758 A.609 B-65.044 F500.
X-2.3439 Y-4.3193 Z3.4753 A.657 B-57.238 F500.
X-2.8267 Y-4.0201 Z3.4748 A.715 B-50.593 F500.
X-3.2033 Y-3.7272 Z3.4743 A.781 B-45.01 F500.
X-3.4952 Y-3.4551 Z3.4739 A.854 B-40.337 F500.
X-3.7223 Y-3.2093 Z3.4734 A.931 B-36.417 F500.
X-3.9003 Y-2.9906 Z3.4729 A1.012 B-33.111 F500.
X-4.0414 Y-2.7972 Z3.4725 A1.096 B-30.302 F500.
X-4.1545 Y-2.6266 Z3.472 A1.182 B-27.896 F500.
X-4.2462 Y-2.4758 Z3.4715 A1.27 B-25.82 F500.



Re: Excessive B (or C) axis rotation limit

What operation are you using?


Sequential mill:



Contour profile:

Capture 2.PNG


You could also throw something in the post the check for your distance between moves and give a warning if they are too big.

Jake Hardwick
CNC Programmer
Senior Aerospace AMT
Production NX8.5.3.3 Beta testing NX10.0.1.4

Re: Excessive B (or C) axis rotation limit

PLM World Member Valued Contributor PLM World Member Valued Contributor
PLM World Member Valued Contributor



Thanks for the screen shots.  Im using contour profile.  I ended up setting the cut step to .1 and it removed most of the gouges.  then I stumbled onto the page called "more"  and set the cut step / max step to 10% of the tool.  not sure which one woked the best or if its a combo of them both, but i have a clean path now.  I tried looking up more info on the CUt step / Max step setting but didnt find anything in the help docs.



Anyway,  Thanks for taking the time to respond.






New setting give a lot more points / code to help the machine run smoother

X-2.4013 Y.4157 Z3.3377 A16.338 B180.241 F408.674
X-2.4134 Y.4166 Z3.3378 A16.334 B180.25 F408.674
X-2.4254 Y.4176 Z3.338 A16.329 B180.259 F408.674
X-2.4374 Y.4186 Z3.3381 A16.324 B180.268 F408.674
X-2.4494 Y.4196 Z3.3383 A16.319 B180.277 F408.674
X-2.4614 Y.4205 Z3.3385 A16.315 B180.287 F408.674
X-2.4734 Y.4215 Z3.3386 A16.31 B180.296 F408.674
X-2.4854 Y.4225 Z3.3388 A16.305 B180.305 F408.674
X-2.4975 Y.4235 Z3.339 A16.3 B180.314 F408.674
X-2.5095 Y.4245 Z3.3391 A16.296 B180.323 F408.674
X-2.5215 Y.4255 Z3.3393 A16.291 B180.332 F408.674
X-2.5335 Y.4267 Z3.3395 A16.284 B180.342 F408.669
X-2.5455 Y.4278 Z3.3396 A16.278 B180.351 F408.669
X-2.5575 Y.4289 Z3.3398 A16.272 B180.361 F408.669
X-2.5695 Y.4301 Z3.34 A16.265 B180.37 F408.669
X-2.5815 Y.4312 Z3.3401 A16.259 B180.38 F408.669
X-2.5935 Y.4323 Z3.3403 A16.253 B180.389 F408.669
X-2.6055 Y.4335 Z3.3405 A16.246 B180.398 F408.669
X-2.6175 Y.4347 Z3.3406 A16.24 B180.408 F408.669
X-2.6296 Y.4359 Z3.3408 A16.233 B180.417 F408.659
X-2.6416 Y.4371 Z3.341 A16.225 B180.427 F408.659
X-2.6536 Y.4384 Z3.3411 A16.218 B180.436 F408.659
X-2.6656 Y.4396 Z3.3413 A16.21 B180.446 F408.659
X-2.6776 Y.4408 Z3.3415 A16.203 B180.455 F408.659
X-2.6896 Y.4421 Z3.3416 A16.196 B180.465 F408.659
X-2.7016 Y.4433 Z3.3418 A16.188 B180.474 F408.659
X-2.7136 Y.4446 Z3.342 A16.181 B180.484 F408.659
X-2.7256 Y.446 Z3.3421 A16.172 B180.494 F408.658
X-2.7376 Y.4473 Z3.3423 A16.164 B180.503 F408.658
X-2.7496 Y.4487 Z3.3425 A16.155 B180.513 F408.658
X-2.7616 Y.45 Z3.3426 A16.147 B180.523 F408.658
X-2.7736 Y.4514 Z3.3428 A16.138 B180.533 F408.658
X-2.7855 Y.4528 Z3.343 A16.13 B180.543 F408.658


Re: Excessive B (or C) axis rotation limit


Hi Damian,


I am having this very same issue, I tried what you recommended and still get the C-Axis swings.



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