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Explorer Style


I am considering changing all of my MFG templates over to Explorer style.


Just wanted to here from anyone who already uses the explorer style on how they like it.

Is it better than the traditional style or just different?

Will this eventually be the default option in NX?Explorer.png

Kurt Neubaecker
CAD/CAM Designer
Proficient Industries
Cleveland, Ohio

Re: Explorer Style

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Siemens Phenom

Hey @Kneubaecker ,


this will be the default UI for templates in the future. We are currently gathering feedback on templates, which we plan to introduce as default.

The Prismatic team already released a couple of those templates in the latest NX release (January 2019). You might want to give them a try.

We would be happy to get your feedback. Looking forward on the feedback from others in this thread as well.


2019-02-03 10_27_37-New.png



Lead Product Manager - Mold & Die

Re: Explorer Style

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Solution Partner Phenom

Hello @AlexanderFreund ,


Explorer style is definitely interesting.

So here are just some impresions and thoughts:


Prismatic template

I tried quickly look at that prismatic template and some prismatic milling operation.

I am using standard look operation and working with "visual memory" where to find parameters and so on.

Now I have to really read where need to click because I noticed new sections (like  "main", "tool dependent",etc)  and some parameters are transfered to other/new sections (slow down moved from "corners" to "feeds and speeds").

I couldnt find "NCM smoothing", later I found it in section "all other parameters" where were all parameters from standard dialog with standard look.

So for now prismatic is full of surprises.



Standard dialogs switched to explorer style

Then I tried just switch "floor and wall" from "mill_planar" template to explorer style.

Every parameter was keeping tabs/section logic from standard UI.

This was more friendly to me. Smiley Happy



#♫ PB, 5ax, itnc, nx, vericut ♫ #

Re: Explorer Style



I switched over my templates to the explorer style. In the template file I expanded all the nodes and increased the size of the window for all operations. When I create new operations the node and menus are collapsed and smaller. Is there a way to always have the nodes expanded and window larger?


Exploer_expanded.pngNodes and window expandedExploer_collapsed.pngNodes and window collapsed

Kurt Neubaecker
CAD/CAM Designer
Proficient Industries
Cleveland, Ohio

Re: Explorer Style


I switched all mine over to the explorer style. I like having everything expanded and open so it's easier to get to everything. I have the same complaint as Kurt though, they need to stay expanded all the time. To me having to exapnd the window and the menus is counter productive.

Kevin K.

Re: Explorer Style


Created ER for the expanded explorer style window.


ER Template

 - Short Description:

After modifying NX CAM templates by stretching explorer style windows longer and expanding all the Explore Node nodes, the dialog boxes were not persistent It is not possible to set the Explorer Nodes to be expanded.

 - What activity in your process is NX not able to currently handle? 

Keeping the Path Settings "Explorer Node" expanded in the dialog box 

 - What result are you trying to achieve?

Creating new NX CAM Templates with easy access to the dialogs that are consistently edited during template part creation. It may not seem like it is a big deal but I will repeat the same procedure on every template operation created.  

 - Do you currently have a workaround?  If yes, please describe it.

 - Do you have a proposal for the solution you envision NX providing for this capability?

Have the ability to allow the Explorer Nodes to be expanded... and adjust the size and state of the explorer style window and have this state persistent

 - What is the level of productivity gained from such an enhancement?

Large. If you are creating only one operation it may only take you 20 seconds to adjust the size of the window and expanded the nodes. If you are creating more operations the time adds up.  

Link to ER-9367586

Kurt Neubaecker
CAD/CAM Designer
Proficient Industries
Cleveland, Ohio

Re: Explorer Style


I tried using it, but do not see any improvement in time. I like to glance over all the settings, especially in someone else's file.


I will test again in the near future.


I have given this a lot of thought since most of my day is using these menus. 


It would work ideally for me if the right hand side had all of the settings at one time (separated by a divider). You could start at the top and continue scrolling to the end and overlook all the settings. Clicking the categories on the left, would just jump to those settings in the right hand side. As you scroll on the right hand side, the left categories would highlight as you entered that category on the right column. 


How is this different than it is now? Well, you still have to click on each category on the left to get to those settings, instead of a smooth scroll down all of the settings. Extra clicks = extra time and repetitive stress on your hands. 



Glenn Balon
Production: NX 12.0.2 MP10 Primarily CAM

Re: Explorer Style

Sorry in advance if this tip is too late for anyone but as always back up your templates before converting in case you want to revert.  There is a reset button but it appears to not revert very well. 



NX 12.0.2

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