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Export Faceted Solid to .stp

I have a need to export my IPW into a Step file so inspection can import it into PC Demis


No issue with getting a facted IPW, exporting seems to be the bottle neck...


Is this possible? Do I have to get a special license?


Thank you for any guidance, Paul S.

{Paul Schneider}, {CNC Programmer}, {DRT-Lane}

Production: {NX11.01, SP2}


Re: Export Faceted Solid to .stp

In Verify 3D and ISV you can create a extra component include the IPW facetted model.

Does that help you?


2017-05-12 11_44_06-NX 11  Build CAM_nx1102.163 - Manufacturing - [sim01_mill_3ax_cam_sinumerik_mm.p.png2017-05-12 11_55_14-NX 11  Build CAM_nx1102.163 - Manufacturing - [sim01_mill_3ax_cam_sinumerik_mm.p.png2017-05-12 11_56_24-NX 11  Build CAM_nx1102.163 - Manufacturing - [sim01_mill_3ax_cam_sinumerik_mm.p.png

Thomas Schulz
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Re: Export Faceted Solid to .stp

I think - no. He need export IPW as .stp file, and he want to import this file into another software as b-rep (solid body or sheet body) model.

Re: Export Faceted Solid to .stp

It is better to transfer the IPW as STL file and all recent CAM systems should support using STL files.

You cannot create a solid body from a faceted body, without a special license for reverse engineering.

Stefan Pendl, Systemmanager CAx, HAIDLMAIR GmbH
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Re: Export Faceted Solid to .stp

Yes, My problem is that I need the Facet IPW to be exported as .stp. for use in the PCDemis inspection software.


This shop was a Gibbs CAM user and Gibbs can do this all day long. We are migrating to NX CAM.

So I kind of need the same functionality.


I will contact my NX VAR about the possibility of an add-in export tool. Paul S.

{Paul Schneider}, {CNC Programmer}, {DRT-Lane}

Production: {NX11.01, SP2}

Re: Export Faceted Solid to .stp

This is a STEP translator question. If you don't find an answer, I would post in the Design Forum.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Export Faceted Solid to .stp

[ Edited ]

The basic issue is that the IPW is faceted data, and the other package needs BREF (surface) data.

Other than reverse engineering the IPW (quite the PITA) the only other solution I have seen (very occasionally) is people wrote software to convert STL files into 1000s of really small triangular bounded planes & then sewn them all together (also very ugly) into a solid that could then be exported as a STEP.


Can the DMIS software take a faceted file?


At PLMworld last week (if I understood correctly) someone from Siemens indicated they may be working on a better IPW (BREP-like, rather than faceted) for strictly 2.5D milling (maybe NX12.x timeframe?).

But I wouldn't hold your breath, if I were you...

Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
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Re: Export Faceted Solid to .stp

There is this discussion  IPW facet body


I'm not sure if @Chigishev has shared his code but the elements of how its done are all there.

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