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Exporting tool path and tool usage to excel



I'm new to NX and to the journal. For my final paper I have to find a way to export data about machining tools in a excel usable format. It would be best if all the operations are located in a single journal operation.

I have found a way to write in a excel file without problem but I don't know how to retrieve the data I need.


They are data such as feed rate, running time, speed of cut, spindle speed and such. The main goal of the operation is to have a history of each tool to have an estimation of the wear of it in order to replace it before it is too used. Do you know if these data are available or if I have to construct them ? And I think that I have to work with post processed tool paths but I'm not sure, could you confirm/infirm ?


Is there a sort of file wich references how to access a variable in the journal for all the (machining) variables?
I did a little bit of java during my studies and I remember there was an API with all the basic java fonction, their description and how to use them. Is there such a thing for the NX journal ? I found the programmation help but I find it a little bit too overwelming, too much information at once.


I use NX 10.0.3. last maintenance pack.


Sorry if I'm not clear in my request but english is not my first language.





Re: Exporting tool path and tool usage to excel


Have you looked at the shop doc mechanisms? There are excel based shop docs and older style tcl shop docs they have access to the parameters you are listing.

Shop Documentation

Re: Exporting tool path and tool usage to excel

Shop Docs or Post wll do the work of going through the operations and setting variables for you to access. Select an operation, Post or Shop Doc, and turn on the review tool. Exit the review tool and examine the debug file that was created in the output folder. This will show you what variables you have to work with. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Exporting tool path and tool usage to excel

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

A couple other options...

1) Search for "Moog_Show_Globals" in this forum.  This proc can be added to a post and it lists ALL the global variables at the point it is run.  Read the thread where it is posted on how to use it.
This also requires using a post to extract the data, then you'll need to do something to load the data into Excel (maybe write a CSV and open the CSV in Excel?) 


2) Look for the "GetNCObjectParam" on this forum (run as ".vb", but may be posted as ".txt").  It lists all the parameters for an operation.  It can be used as example code for extracting the data without posting, that thru .NET you should be able to write to Excel (I'm not sure if the writing to Excel can be done as a Journal, or if you would have to compile/link the code).


For either Mark's or my suggestions...

One thing that helps narrow down which variable / parameter has the value you are looking for is to give each setting a unique value, e.g. "1.23456" or ".987654".  Then when you are searching, it is relatively easy to find.  NOTE: Due to how floating point numbers are stored, leave off the last digit when you search the output (e.g. for "1.23456", search on "1.2345" and for ".987654".  search for ".98765").  


Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
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