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Extra Fine Verification >> NX11?

Wondering what the progress is on Extra Fine development?

It generates about 10x faster than "fine" but there are some weird issues in some of the verification.

Should we see more improvements in NX11?



Re: Extra Fine Verification >> NX11?

The Extra Fine Verification is a project which we implemented as a preview under an ENV. We did not touch it for NX10 and NX11. We are working on other options to partially improve the IPW in Verify so that users can run Verify fast (using medium setting) and refine areas of interest defined by a box. But this will not be released with NX 11.0, but hopefully in one of the MRs before NX12.

NX CAM Product Manager

Re: Extra Fine Verification >> NX11?

That would actually be a very cool feature by box definition.

The process by which Extra Fine Generates vs Normal Verify is so much faster... Different technology?

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