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Extract curves from ToolPath

Hello all, i want to extract the curves from a toolpath and make it as splines in 3D.


It's because i need to trim a surface using as limit the center path of the tool.



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‎11-09-2015 11:35 AM

Re: Extract curves from ToolPath

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If you are a licensed user, there is info on this in the archives:


Attached is a  program that did that with a CLS in GRIP over 20 years ago.

Rename .txt to .grs, compile and link.

If it needs updating, have fun, or contact the author - he is still in GTAC.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Extract curves from ToolPath

Thank you very much Mark, I'll try. (Actually first I'll see how it works and how to run NX)

Anyway, I solved the problem already. I guess what I did is something very similar to this script, but I did it manually.

The steps were:

-Otput the CLS from the ToolPath.

-Edit On a notepad the CLS, deleting the header and each block the word GOTO /
Replace also the comma coordinate separators to spaces.

Being something like this:

-2.4309 -80.8068 65.4000
-2.4309 -80.8068 -3.5440
-2.4309 -80.8068 -48.5000
-3.2371 -80.8068 -48.5000
-3.9614 -80.7706 -48.5000
-4.6857 -80.7301 -48.5000
-6.1343 -80.6236 -48.5000
-6.8585 -80.5619 -48.5000
-7.5828 -80.4937 -48.5000
-8.3071 -80.4235 -48.5000
-9.0314 -80.3447 -48.5000
-9.7557 -80.2574 -48.5000
-11.2042 -80.0629 -48.5000
-11.9285 -79.9585 -48.5000

With this text file ready, I went back to NX and went to:
File> Import> Points from file.

With the points already in 3D, I joined with: Curve> Fit curve

I leave the steps followed, if someone serves them.

Re: Extract curves from ToolPath

Thank you very much Mark, I tried to use that .grs but could not.
However, I could use a Grip rose another user on the link you put, and it works wonders!

Thank you very much, I save a lot of time.

The grip that i used, is ""

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