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FBM Find Operation for feature - Failure!

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Valued Contributor



I have stored the paths the MKE (.xml file) in a folder and implemented the paths for the .xml

file and the Tool library in an extra .bat file. The feature teaching and operation teaching is working. 

But when I try to find operations for my new features the Dialog shows me 

that he does not find any tools for this operation. I'm using NX 10


I dont know where the failure is, but is have to be in the customation of my .bad file. 

Is there any Document or Video where I can see how the customation works for feature teaching and operation teaching ?? 


Thank you 


Re: FBM Find Operation for feature - Failure!

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Solution Partner Genius


try to open your xml file with new rules in MKE editor and check settings of these new rules.  Operation teaching function does not usually set type of tool for new rule - parameter Resourses (tool.) . So you must set it manually and save the file.

And maybe the rules for finding tool are set very strict - check them too.

I try to attach picture where is the parameter.

And very good video about this functions are here on this forum - in section programing automation :


Vavrusa Ondrej
NX11.0.x testing

Re: FBM Find Operation for feature - Failure!

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thank you for replying. 

I tried to create a feature Process for a simple hole,

my standard library have to find an operation (STEP1HOLE) for this standard feature, 

but it doesnt find any operation. 


I have opend my .xml file with the MKE Editor and for the STEP1HOLE it shows me the same parameter Resources as in yours. 


I have made an Screenshot of my bat. file which I open the NX with. As you can see i changed the direction for the machining knowledge so I can edit it, plus I changed the path of the Tool Library




Re: FBM Find Operation for feature - Failure!

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



from the information window I see you have configured this machining knowledge source file:


which contains the ootb machining rules that use the teamcenter MRL tool classification.

And since you seem to have configured the native ascii tool library, this will conflict and all machining rules will be filtered out.


You should check your cam configuration file FBM_cam_general.dat:

1. Look for the MACHINING_KNOWLEDGE key.

2. It will point to a file machining_knowledge.dat or something else you made yourself.

3. You must edit that file and change this key back to the ootb value:



Now restart NX and try Create Feature Process on your STEP1HOLE feature.

When that works as expected, you must redo your teachings since they're in another file. These customizations can also be exported/imported if you already invested much effort.





Reinier Capelle
NX CAM Development - Customer Success

Re: FBM Find Operation for feature - Failure!

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Valued Contributor

Thank you! Know it works 


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