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FBM - Programming Structure




After a few months working with FBM I started to improve my programming structure in order to make it simpler.


In my first programs I set the "MWF" and "LWF" always with the same value therefore it was not possible to reuse the codes. Now I changed the strategy and sometimes I set the MWF and the LWF with the same value and sometimes not.


For the STEP features, Is it possible to evaluate the operations related to the bottom part and then evaluate the operations of the top part?


For example, for a STEP2HOLES I want to first machine the top part and after that, machine the bottom part reusing the codes of the STEP1HOLE. Therefore I have to first evaluate the rules for the STEP1 and the the rules of the STEP2.





I was also wondering If it is possible to show a message to the final user indicating which features were not created after the rules evaluation and how to do it. Sometimes for the STEP_THREAD holes I am able to create the operations for the hole and the chamfer but not for the THREAD and I would like to indicate to final user that they have to create the operation before finishing the part.


Thanks for your attention!


Salvador Peregrina


Salvador Peregrina
Manufacturing Team Leader| NX 12.0.2

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