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FBM TcIn configuration



I'm trying to use FBM Nx8.5 with TcIn Tc10.


I update the xml file after MKE Tc login.


I tach the operation with Nx but when I run "create feature process" return an error.


In MKE I view the MR library.


Anyone know to use FMB TCIN with MR library?


Thank you.




Re: FBM TcIn configuration



You can find help document in the MKE when you do Help -> Help Topics.

There you see a pdf with a chapter , I believe 14, on Teamcenter integration and the MKE.


If configuration is succesful, you can use MKE and NX FBM using teamcenter and MRL, like you do in native mode with ascii tool database.


However: there is a know software problem PR#7576298: Teach operations does not work when MRL tool database is configured. We are planning to fix this but no (MP) release determined yet. Can be 10.0.3 MP3 earliest.

Reinier Capelle

NX CAM Development

NX CAM Machinery and Automation

Re: FBM TcIn configuration

Thanks for your help.ù


I used the PDF guide and the configuration is succesfull, but when I try to create feature process I have the error.


The machining rule was created by teach operation in nx 8.5.


I don't find the PR#7576298.



Re: FBM TcIn configuration

The error message says:


No library tools available, check your Tool Library definition!

 Error 30007 : None of the input rules is valid (definition incomplete, or due to availability of tools, material, machine)



You must check in the MKE rule library if the rules use MRL tool classes.

Please send me a pm if you need further assistence.

Reinier Capelle

NX CAM Development

NX CAM Machinery and Automation

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