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FBM "Specify Feature Geometry"


Hi all!


I am working in the implementation of FBM for many features, during the programation using MK I have found useful when an operation has established the "Specify Feature Geometry" menu because it is possible to set the "machining area" in the MK.




Not all the operations has established this menu, I have tried to activate it in the operation customization but without succeeding.


The question is, Is it possible to activate the "Specify Feature Geometry" menu in operations that does not have it?


Thanks for reading!


Salvador Peregrina



NX 11.0.2

Re: FBM "Specify Feature Geometry"

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"Specify Feature Geometry" is only available in the operations from the hole_making template. It is not available for other operation types.


You can however use the FBM "Machining Area" concept to indicate that you only want to machine a portion of a feature's geometry even if you want to use an operation that doesn't have the ability to "Specify Feature Geometry". As an example, you may have your feature feature type with several machining areas (say "FACES_FLOOR", "FACES_WALLS" and "FACES_CHAMFER") and you only want to machine the "FACES_CHAMFER" machining area. You do this in the MKE by e.g. defining a floor wall operation rule and create an ADD-ON of Type=GeometryParent and Class=MILL_AREA and specify a condition such as Wall_Geometry = mwf.FACES_CHAMFER.


Have a look at this Tech Tip for more details



Tom van 't Erve

NX CAM Development

Re: FBM "Specify Feature Geometry"


Hi @TomvantErve,


As always, thank you very much! 


I did not know it was possible to do it as you mention. I will test it in the next days and hopefully I will get good results.


Have a nice evening!


Salvador Peregrina



NX 11.0.2

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