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Fanuc - 5 Axis - angular rotation & work plane

Hello everyone,

I made my own kinematics for my newly purchased 5 axis plotter (KIMLA). Kinematics made in NX9.0 and post made in Post builder 9.0. Driver is something mixed with fanuc & mach ...


I have problem with my internal postprocessor syntax . I started building post from origin sim05_mill_5ax_cam_fanuc_mm.pui (dual rotary heads). Machining simulation is ok, the MCS systems are set properly according to Working_with_OOTB_MACH_Simulation_Examples.pdf


But the problem is that my machine don't recognize G53.1 & G68.2 work plane X Y Z angular rotation centerlines(I,J,K Addresses)... In post builder I'am using in Rapid Move standard commands as PB_CMD_check_plane_for_wcs_rotation & G68.2 X Y Z I J K R in Operation Start Sequence (look at test_nx90.txt cnc code in attachment).

When I delete syntax above (G53.1 & G68.2) - my kinematics in simulation machine code is wrong, but Kimla milling tool is working properly in practice (look at test_nx_issue.txt cnc code in attachment)...


I posted some attachments with my work (kinematics srceenshots and cnc code) - I would be very grateful for help. Mates - I do not expect a ready solution or finished post "served on a platter" - I need just an indication what I'm doing wrong, what I could possibly correct in my post. So how to get around PB_CMD_check_plane_for_wcs_rotation & G68.2 X Y Z I J K R in postbuilder to recive proper kinematics in Nx ?


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Re: Fanuc - 5 Axis - angular rotation & work plane

Hello everyone,
I have a similar machine, and the same problem.
Does anyone have any idea how to solve.
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Re: Fanuc - 5 Axis - angular rotation & work plane

[ Edited ]

I don't know about the OTB post files and routines you mention (the siemens people would be the experts on their code) - but I read you need to do the following for G68.2 to come out:


"If the “Special Output” of the local MCS is “CSYS Rotation” the postprocessor will output a special statement to indicate a translation and/or a rotation. The fixture offset number must always inherit its value from the parent MCS object. TRANS/ROT or CYCLE800 (based on UDE) -> SINUMERIK G68 -> Fanuc PLANE SPATIAL -> TNC"


I would think the post will only issue G68.2 syntax from using that MCS setting. If you don't want that - I would think you would put op under an MCS with one of the other output options. Did you use this one or another setting?

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