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Fanuc Cs Contouring - NX method - post - ISV

Has anyone tried to implement this? I have a DMG Mori NTX2000 where we would like to do this. I can't find any example of G code in searches or in manuals. Fanuc has not answered my requests for examples yet. Not getting the impression the MTB has much experience programming it. They did provide an example of running helical circles in synced mode - I think this would be terrible for contours (though.) I was hoping that the G code would look like a lathe. Okuma seems to have this implemented that way.

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Re: Fanuc Cs Contouring - NX method - post - ISV

I've done the Okuma variant (post only, no IS&V)

Done as a linked lathe post


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Re: Fanuc Cs Contouring - NX method - post - ISV

Yes - I hope that G code is lathe style. Hard to believe it is so hard to find G code program examples.

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