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Fanuc Nano Smoothing


Hello All, 


Working in NX12 and posting code for Fanuc controlled machines, I have G5.1 Q1 R1 that posts out in my code for all (rough and finish) operations. I want my finish operations to have a higher "R" value. "Where:-Rxx provides the user with the option of selecting from 10 fixed settings (R1 -R10) which contrast Tool Path Speed (feedrate) with Positioning Accuracy."  Where do I change the "R" value output? In Post Bulider? I would prefer not. I am hoping it is within Editing a Toolpath operation or Method. Any help is great. Thanks in advance!

G05.1 Q1 R1 - Toolpath Speed has priority over Positioning Accuracy
G05.1 Q1 R2
G05.1 Q1 R3
G05.1 Q1 R4
G05.1 Q1 R5 - Tool Path Speed and Positioning Accuracy have Equal Priority
G05.1 Q1 R6
G05.1 Q1 R7
G05.1 Q1 R8
G05.1 Q1 R9
G05.1 Q1 R10 - Positioning Accuracy has priority over Tool Path Speed


Re: Fanuc Nano Smoothing

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It depends how is your postprocessor made, that value could be hardcoded or controled by anything

So take a look into postprocessor otherwise you can only guess

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Re: Fanuc Nano Smoothing

I implemented this for the Brother Speedio's similar High Accuracy system settings, which have a pretty dizzying array of configuration options and control settings for very specific application tuning.

My strategy was to just trigger them with Methods, using some code in the Start of Path, that outputs a MOM_literal of the string (M298 L_n_) for the appropriate mode. An end of path chunk of code outputs a MOM_literal to go back to the default standard setting (M299). It seems pretty hacky, but it is very reliable and I'm new at this... so it worked well for my needs.

Re: Fanuc Nano Smoothing

If you want to do it inside an operation you can force the code into your NC file by using an Insert event in the operation's Machine Control to add simple text such as the codes you mentioned. However, in my opinion, gkoenig's suggestion is better since it could be a fully automated solution to insert any of your codes.  Another method is to add custom UDE's but that will require post editing as well.  In the image below you can see some non-standard UDE's I added to trigger modes for our Niigata, Mori and Haas machines.


For the simple way inside the operation if you don't want to customize a bunch of files...if you look at the Event's Used section it shows an Insert event

Image 1.png

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