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Feature Based Machining - New Operation Set Teaching - coming soon

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We will soon introduce a new capability in NX10.0.3 MP4 and NX11.0 that we call Operation SET Teaching. It's available as a preview in NX10.0.3 MP2; which is what I have used to create the attached AVI.




The AVI shows how to add new custom specific machining rules to the MKE from NX without every having to use the MKE. The input is a regular set of manually defined operations (using tools that have a library reference) under a feature group.


The "Teach Operation Sets" command will bring up a new dialog which allows users to define application criteria and tool selection criteria. The application criteria are shown at ~20 seconds into the AVI (in this example, ftr.DIAMETER_1 >= 50 and ftr.DIAMETER_1 <= 70). This can be anything but is used to define when this set of operations should be used.


The tool selection criteria are shown per operation. The tool type is directly taken from NX but we want to link the tool dimensions to the size of the feature. At ~30 seconds, the AVI shows the tool selection conditions for the DRILLING_63.0 operation (the tool diameter has to match the feature diameter and the tool flutelength has to be larger than the depth of the feature's DEPTH_1.


We expect that this new mechanism will lower the barrier to entry for Feature Based Machining and will encourage more users to customize their own rules. The new "Teach Operation Sets..." command will NOT require a new license. Like with every FBM customization you DO need the existing FBM_AUTHOR license to be able to save your changes (either using the MKE to do File ->Save, or for the existing Feature and Operation Teaching capabilities).


Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new capability.


Tom van 't Erve

NX CAM Development

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