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Feature Recognition - Define CSYS-Coordinate

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I would like to define the position of my csys-coordinatesystem for example in the centre 

of my hole-diameter of my teached feature. where can I specify that in MKE ? 

My X_POSTION and Y_POSITION are shifted. 


I have changed my Tool X, Y and Z-Tool orientation with Oper.X_Orientation_D = - mwf.X_ORIENTATION_D 

but when i want to change the tool position the path does not even change. 


thank you

Accepted by MarkRief (VIP)
‎03-07-2017 10:32 AM

Re: Feature Recognition - Define CSYS-Coordinate


In this clip you can learn how to specify the feature position and orientation.


Of course your first resource is the NX documentation:



Reinier Capelle

NX CAM Development

NX CAM Machinery and Automation

Re: Feature Recognition - Define CSYS-Coordinate

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I have set a CSYS-Koordinate System to the feature, but the CSYS-Koordinate System is 

not at the same position when I teach the feature. I have made some screenshots. 


Thank you. 


Re: Feature Recognition - Define CSYS-Coordinate

[ Edited ]

Got it, I have selected the Scetch not the Edge of the feature.  It works now

Thank you Smiley Happy 


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