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Feature based geometry set as floor or wall from rule


Hello All

Feature based machining and the MKE, do anyone know how to affect where the machining feature geometry is set for a volumbased facemill operation, how to get it set as floor instead as wall in the area object, continously I get it as wall but want the opposite



Re: Feature based geometry set as floor or wall from rule

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

I think that it is only possible to do so starting with NX 10, but could be NX 9 too.


OK found it in the NX 9 help under the topic CAM => Feature-based Machining => Teaching NX custom Features and Operations => Feature machining areas.


So best is to check the MKE customization tab if there are attributes Floor and Walls in the MILL_AREA geometry object.

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