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Finish Wall / Planar Mill / Ignoring Cut Depth vs Level


Does this work for anyone or am I doing something wrong?


Here is the scenario


Finish Wall with boundary set .010 above floor

Depth of cut set to .005

Cut Parameter set to cut depth before level


NX ignores this setting and machines the whole level then the next level down. This is especially irritating for aersopace parts where the walls / floor are very thin.

Dennis Rathi
Creations Unlimited

Re: Finish Wall / Planar Mill / Ignoring Cut Depth vs Level

I tried it and get similar results.  It could be a bug but I believe it is working as designed and has had this behavior for a long time.  Depth first or level first appears to apply to seperate regions but not within a region itself.  If this is not a bug then it would be a good enhancement request. 


Perhaps someone else can get a different result than I?

NX 12.0.2

Re: Finish Wall / Planar Mill / Ignoring Cut Depth vs Level

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


Planar Mill, Depth first needs a Blank Distance value  to work. 


1. Planar mill,  need to set Cutting Parameters, Strategy,  Blank, Blank Distance value.  Just so it isn't 0.  Older Planar Mill routines do not see stock, you have to give it some.  Then it works.  When doing additional passes, the Blank setting has to be large enough to cover the extra passes.  


2.  I found using "Standard Drive" motion works in many cases, without Blank Distance value.  May not be the motion you want. 


3.  Planar Profile is better at doing it.  Newer code.


4.  Don't see the option yet in 12.0.2 Mill Planar.  But 11.02 and on, in Floor Wall IPW, with Profiles, use "Ramp By Depth or Angle" and it does depth first.   Also may want to use Cutting, Containment, Blank, use Thickness and set Floor/wall values.   Floor Wall IPW process much faster using Thickness.  It may give a false error about flute length shorter than depth of cut (total depth) in NX11.0.2, but no false error in 12.0.2.   


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