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First contact with NX 10 CAM Robotics


Hello at all,


I want to start using robots in NX 10 Manufacturing. But I have a lot of problems implementing a cell with a robot, a spindle at the TCP of the robot and the part. What I did until now:


- I created a simple part (just for startings) with simple operations for manufacturing

- I used the KUKA Robot for the generic machine and positioned it relative to the part in space

- Firstly the tool is just directy at the TCP without the spindle


Problems with operations:


- When simulating the robot, the first operation is quite good, without collisions and any unattainabilities of axis

- the 2. operation (just plan operation of a block) is crap! The robot uses a configuration out of reaches of axis 2 and 5 and I don't have an idea how to handle this. I tried to use rules but I don't find any solutions


2. Problem:


- I'm not sure how I implement a specific spindle to the robot. I did it by using geometric constraints and tell the tool the new TCP and the top of the spindle. Besides I added the spindle at the machine tool navigator to the axis 6. Is this the right procedure? When I looked at the given examples, the spindle and the specific tools aren't shown my modeling operations. They just appear when I start simulation the machine/ robot.


Hope somebody could unterstand me and help me with these problems Smiley Happy


I added some pictures to get to know about the cell situation!


Best wishes,




Re: First contact with NX 10 CAM Robotics

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Lars,


In general what you try to do is eassy to acomplish, yet you have to know how to activate the system. one option is to follow training materials like the ones created by the technical documentation depertment or ones created by Bill Storrs (a link can be found at

Another option is to use our out of the box samples provided with the instalation of NX. those can be found under the sample folder with each robot in the installed machines directory. which version / Hot fix are you using?

to answer your questions briefly - a good practice is to define the spindle as device. it is visible when simulation or with the Jog and Poses dialog / Robot Control dialog.

the third picture shows the robot trying to use a wrong configuration. you should define a better one one  as rule and apply the rules to see the result.

unless you had a chance to learn the system - I assume that my answers might be confusing.



Eddy Finaro
NX CAM Product Manager
Siemens PLM

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