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Fixed Contour Tool Path Help

Hello all,


I am trying to cut a part using fixed contour, using two boundaries to signify the start of the path and the end.  I want the path to climb cut the whole time and basically "morph" from the shape of the first boundary to the second boundary.  In the example file there are two fixed contour tool paths, FIXED_CONTOUR_1 and FIXED_CONTOUR_2.  I have the boundaries for both tool paths on separate layers from each other and the part geo, the levels are placed into catagories named the same as the tool paths.  FIXED_CONTOUR_1 is doing what I want but has a lot of "air" time in it because I had to take the outer boundary and offset it enough to get inside the material area.  The FIXED_CONTOUR_2 tool path is using the boundaries that are more accurate to the shape of the material and would result in less "air" cuts, but the tool path is making some cuts that I think will result in broken tools.  I basically want it to start cutting the shape of the first boundary and slowly morph to the shape of the second boundary.  


I am using NX


Any help is greatly appreciated.



Re: Fixed Contour Tool Path Help

All I can think of is using Streamline operation instead of fixed contour if you have a license for that.


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