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Floor Wall with IPW clearance


I am looking for a way to remove material from the side of a boss and not have the tool get so close to other finished surfaces. The material left on the side of the boss is in the form of a large radius that was cut with the side of a key cutter in a previous operation. I am using Floor Wall with IPW so the toolpath recognizes the stock and takes progressively longer cuts based on the material that is there. The issue I am having is that the tool comes very close to the flange near the boss and I cant figure out how to shorten the toolpath to keep it away. I've tried using a trim boundary but it significantly alters the way that the tool leads into the material. Any ideas?


ISO View.PNGSide View.PNG

NX 12.0.0 PB 12.0.0

Re: Floor Wall with IPW clearance

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Siemens Phenom

You could create a rectangular block in the area where the flange is and use that as a Check Body in the operation. That will push the tool path away, both the cutting and non-cutting moves, while still cutting the areas you desire.

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