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Re: Flowcut Reference Tool - missing output section in NX9.0.3.4 MP1

@gajdos wrote:

Ok, I understand. I need to update my custom CAM templates, now it works.

Glad to know you figured it out.


When you customize templates, you always have the task of merging your customizations with ours when the templates are updated.


We try to list all the changes in the Product Notes for the release, to help with this process. I'll admit it's not always the easiest to find ;*)


In 9.0.1 MP3:

  • Menu > Help > Release Notes.
  • On the right side click on NX 9.0.3 MP1 Release Notes.
  • This opens a new window.
  • Pick CAM > Manufacturing > Manufacturing Product Notes.
  • On the right side, pick Tool path and template changes

You should review everything here, and then decide if you want to use the updated templates and/or update your customized templates.


And of course, we always include with our general recommendation:


Template part changes

If you customized the part templates, there are two ways in which you can merge your changes with the templates included in this release:

  • Start with the new default templates and apply your customizations. This is highly recommended to ensure you receive all the PR fixes.

  • Re-file your customized templates in the new release, review the changes listed here, and implement the applicable ones in your templates. This is not recommended, because you will not see the PR fixes.



Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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