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G code simulation in NX




i created a 2 Axis lathe machine (the name is CMZ_TURN_2AX) and everything works fine including the tool path simulation except for when i try to simulate the g code there's only one option: Tool Path Simulate (see pictures).


Also when i try to post process my program it shows an error (see picture below) and i think those two errors are related


i followed Post Building Techniques - Electronic Activities, Post Building Techniques Electronic Activities, December 2013, MT11060 -- Post Builder NX 9 to create the machine, what do you think i did wrong?


Re: G code simulation in NX

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to simulate with G-code it's not enough to just create the post. You have to tell NX that you have a new kit and point to the kinmetics model and the postprocessor of this kit.


It's a little bit older but it's more or less the same in actual NX versions. Take a look in Chapter 2 from following Tech Tip.


Best regards


Re: G code simulation in NX


Hello Thomas,


That was very helpful, thank you, i'm able now to find the ''simulate G code'' feature, i'm getting errors though but that's another matter for another topic

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