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G156 TRAUB Z-Axis Syncro Motion

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Hello for all! Hello, Thomas and Thomas!

I try to simulate G156 function for TRAUB TNL 18 7B, and no any idea how I can do it..

 Z1 and Z2 axisZ1 and Z2 axis


Z1 - 1st channel, part movement from-to spindle

Z2 - 2nd channel, tool movement.

But after

G156 Z2=Z1                ( Z2 axis stopped and substituted as Z1. )

And NC-prog:

1st channel                                               2nd channel

G01 Z-9.0 F0.1                                          G01 Z-10.0 F0.1


I cannot just attach Z2 or Z1 from channel - both Z axis must be in channels.


Please, say me idea or method or rule - how I can do it? THANKS!







Re: G156 TRAUB Z-Axis Syncro Motion

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Hi ChigishevThomas,


2 Questions....

1.) whats the purpose of the G156 command? Axes coupling or axis transfer from one channel into another one. Sorry I´m not familar with that command. In which channel is the G156 call?


2.) How does the NC look like in Channel 1 for Z axis after the G156 call?




Re: G156 TRAUB Z-Axis Syncro Motion


G156 from 1st channel and M137 (programm line syncrinisation).







Re: G156 TRAUB Z-Axis Syncro Motion

ActivateTrailing (<TrailedAxis>, <LeadingAxis>[, <OffsetValue>[, <OffsetFactor>]])
is the keycommand for that.


Make sure that both axis (trailed and leading) are known in the current channel.

Let me know if that works.



Re: G156 TRAUB Z-Axis Syncro Motion

Thanks! Just now I thinking about Trailing too, let you know. But. If you see Z call from both channels... I cannot to attach joint from one channels to another.

How it work, for example in 1st channel Z-9.0, in second Z-10.0

When this line start, working Z1 axis only, Z2 no any motion. When Z1=-9.0, Z1 stop and 1st channel wait while Z2 going to Z2=-10.0, not start next line (M137 not alowed it)......

Not so easy..

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