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This topic have not direct relation to NX, but now I working for MAZAK e1060 postprocessor with measuring cycles, later I will show some results.

But now I have one question-problem.

My measuring part - in G54 (56, 55 not so important). For measuring motion I translate and rotate this coordinate system to target point with G68.2  and use G31 (with G43, of course) for probing. Ok, probe make few ding-ding and I can use #5061, #5062, #5063 etc. The question is: this values is coordinates for which point? Probe tip? Ruby ball center? Bottom plane of spindle? Pivot point of head? And - in WHICH COORDINATE SYSTEM. I know - not in the rotated and translated G54.. 


Do you have any same expirience?  


Re: G31

Are you using the Renishaw software or just a G31 line? 

Jake Hardwick
CNC Programmer
Senior Aerospace AMT
Production NX8.5.3.3 Beta testing NX10.0.1.4
Accepted by topic author Chigishev
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: G31



The values stored in the skip read variables (#5061, #5062, etc.) after a G31 move are relative to the pivot point of B-axis head in the active coordinate system (G54, G55 etc. + shift). I am not sure how G68.2 affects these coordinates as I have not done any testing with it.



Re: G31

Thank you, esn! I have a same results after testing. In this case (when I measure bore or boss with B<>0) I need algorithm to calculate 3points circle radius and center. Now I can do it, tor 3 points from B-Head I can calc R and XcYcZc for center circle. Of course - I must to recalc it to unrotated BC CSYS. 

Thank you in any case!!

Re: G31

I have new information from my Mazak friends and from users manual. #5161..#5116 return skip signal in rotated after g68.

I will check it.

Re: G31



I check it on MAZAK e1060, for G31 and G68.2, one moment, #5161 and #5162 return X and Y for probe tip, but #5163 return Z for pivot point B HEAD.


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