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G87 CSE xml code

Hello everybody, I have a problem with a CSE.


The problem is when I execute a G87 canned cycle (Lateral drilling), this machine is a Swiss Lathe, with radial live tools on the primary spindle (where I got this problem) and axial and radial tools on the counter spindle.


In this machine, G87 is the only drill cycle for radial tools. It has not Q address, the grammar is like:


G87 X__ Z__ R__(Retract dimension, incremental from the start point) P__ (Dwell) F__ (Feed)


With the FanucFamily G87, I got a error message because of the Q missing addres.

So, I change the Asserts to “MINOR”, in order to can continue the simulation.

After I got: “” Program name ‘G87’ not found. So, I commented the command.

SetGlobalModalSubProg “G87”

Honestly, I’ve no idea what the usefulness of this is.


Once this command was commented, the simulation continues to the end. But the movement that simulates has nothing to do with the drilling cycle.


The tool moves away in the direction of X until it exceeds the travel limit of the machine.


Sin título.jpg


Can someone help me try to make the html code of the G87 look something similar to what it should be?


Re: G87 CSE xml code

Not understood by my bad translation?
Maybe I do not express myself correctly.

Re: G87 CSE xml code

Your question is not clear to me, but I'm not a simulation expert. For this kind of detail, I would contact GTAC or whoever wrote the post and machine tool simulation kit. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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