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Our customer uses tool descriptions instead of tool numbers, i.e. T="tool name" rather than T1 or T2, etc.  We run into a error "Unable to generate tool" when running the following:


generateTool (sToolName, sCarrierName)


Since VALUE is not a INTEGER in the T metacode, GMe_AutoGenerateToolID is called, but I can't look at this metacode.


Question:  Does this autogeneration of a tool ID number make it so my to_ini_1.ini file is no longer being referenced correctly?  Is there a function getToolNumberFromName?  What's the best way to solve this problem?


Thanks, Jeff


Re: GMe_AutoGenerateToolID

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Siemens Phenom

Hi Jeff,


all the OOTB Sinumerik examples working with tool names instead of tool number. T="MILL"


The method GMe_AutoGenerateToolID is no longer used inside the OOTB since NX11.0.2

CSE simulation relies on tool data set correctly in the $TC_T and $TC_DP variable.

The OOTB post creates a to_ini.ini file with this data.

Cse uses this data only when the global variable GV_bUseSetToolCorrection is set to FALSE.


When you receive this message when executing generateTool, do you  the content of the variables sToolNamecheck and  sCarrierName? As sToolName I suggest to use and set with $TC_TP2[id] e.g. $TC_TP2[1]="UGT0202_001"


Hope it gives you some hints



Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
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