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GTX760 vs quadro k600



 Is the impact of the GPU in the Manufacturing environment? "Floor and Wall" takes a long time to set up Operation Unlike other.
This is not the time to Generate. Stock, Depth Per Cut, Cut Pattern, etc. Entering the Work in Progress is too slow. How do you want to Operation One part is displayed in the Picture? Do you use the "Floor and Wall"?
I am using the gtx760 at home for practice. What a quadro k600 more CAM work? 




Re: GTX760 vs quadro k600


maybe the long time is due to floor and wall preview option, have you tried turning it off?


I don't think the GPU has something to do with this.

Instead of floor and wall, perhaps,to machine that area of the part, you can use one or two planar mill operation(s), or cavity mill, or zlevel (it depends on the size of the tool).






Re: GTX760 vs quadro k600

It solves this problem with your advice. Thank you very much. Smiley Happy

Re: GTX760 vs quadro k600

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

In NX 10 the performance of the preview has been immensely improved, compared to previous releases.

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