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Re: Generate Tool Path when inside parameters dialog box

@Christoph2 wrote:

Hello Mark


The customization with the Explorer Nodes is really good but I have just one matter. Because I can't find all

options from dialog box from cutting parameters and Non cutting parameters. (Eg. pre drill pint, smoothing and some more)

That meaning is i can't add this the main window and I need still the buttons for these boxes and I have everything double.

Is there a way where I can find all options that I can include in the main window??


Thank you in advance

All of the items in the Cutting and Non Cutting dialogs should be available as customizable items. Please log a PR with GTAC if you find some missing.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Generate Tool Path when inside parameters dialog box


Sorry but I don't see all items just some. But some important are missing. 

Is there a possibility that its hidden? Do you have an idea?


Sorry I don't have a GTAC account and can't make a PR.



NX 11.0.1 MP2

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